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Specialty Doors and Frames 

Prefinished Metal Frames

Prefinished metal frames are great for any project - after all, who would not want ready-to-use metal frames that can suit any wall thickness? This saves a lot of time and effort and can be super-handy when used in offices, dormitories, multi-family units, assisted living facilities, hotels/motels and mixed-use buildings. In fact, at Heartland Steel Doors Ltd., our Rediframe line even comes with three casing options to complete the look of your entrance, making it one of the best specialty doors and frames in Prince George, BC.

Impact Traffic Doors

Made of polyethylene, impact traffic doors are specially used for rugged, heavy use, especially at entry points that see heavy traffic - such as shop entrances. Because they are made of lightweight yet durable material, they are easy to maintain and smooth. In fact, they can not just easily allow a lot of people but also any kind of equipment to pass through with relatively fewer chances of damage to the doors or the frames.

Cooler Doors

Coolers have to be as compact and tightly shut as possible to ensure that the products inside remain as cold and fresh as possible. Whatever your cold-storage needs, we have the right door for you - including swinging, sliding or vertical lifting models. Our cooler doors are designed for higher efficiency and more durability containing an R-value up to 48.

Stainless Steel Doors

Stainless steel doors are undoubtedly the best of the hollow metal door options. One of the best things about stainless steel doors is that they are corrosion-resistant, safe and durable. Available with fire ratings in singles or pairs, we can even offer mirror, milled or satin finishes.

Bullet Resistant Doors

Bullet resistant doors are meant to provide a reliable layer of security. Our bullet resistant doors come with resistant glazing and maintain the look of a regular hollow metal door and frame. Bullet resistant doors are just perfect for keeping whatever is beyond them fully safe and secure.

Lead Lined

Lead lined doors are used especially in clinics and hospitals. The lead helps prevent radiation in MRI, CAT scan or X-ray rooms. Lead Lined doors can also come fire-rated and look similar to hollow metal doors, besides also being available in varying lead thicknesses of 1/64” to 1”.

Blast Resistant

Blast resistant doors are great when you are looking for the highest possible safety standards to keep safe whatever you will be storing behind those doors. Our doors can be designed as per the safety standards as specified by the end-user, and can also be glazed and fire-rated.

Oversized Doors

Oversized doors are classified as doors that exceed 4’ in width or 10’ in height. They are manufactured with a structural steel door core to ensure a zero-tolerance for warping and other gravity imposed defects.

Monorail Doors

Monorail Doors can be used anywhere a track is running through an opening. We custom make these doors to the widths and heights needed to suit whatever your monorail may be transporting through the doors. With a variety of skin thicknesses (18ga, 16ga, 14ga, 12ga) and material (A40, G90, Stainless and FRP), we can adapt a solution to whatever situation your monorail doors need to be for.

Take a look at our wide selection of options:

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