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Hollow Metal Doors

If you are looking for options that are long-lasting to withstand any kind of conditions, then you should opt for our hollow metal doors in stock. These doors are specially crafted to withstand trying conditions across various situations to ensure the safety and security of your commercial and industrial buildings.

Cores Available

Honeycomb (R factor 2.4)
Steel stiffened (R factor nil)
Polystyrene (R factor 7)
Temperature Rise
Polyurethane (R factor 12)

Material Available

Galvanneal (satin coat)
Stainless steel
Flat slab or panelled

Gauges Available

18, 16, 14 and 12

Gauges Commonly Stocked


Fire Ratings Available

A = 3hr.

B = 1 1/2 hr.

C = 3/4 hr. 

(We are an in-house labelling facility)

Lite Sizes Available

All shapes and sizes (crosses, ovals, grids, half rounds, etc.)

Take a look at our wide selection of options:

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