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Pressed Steel Frames

Pressed steel frames are popular because of how versatile they are - whether you want to use them in masonry, wood and steel framing - pressed steel frames can be added to all. We have all sizes of pressed steel frames, windows, sidelites and transoms in Stock

Types Available

Knocked down
EP18 expandable (4 5/8” - 8” throat)
EP16 large expandable (8” - 12” throat)
Thermally broken
Cased open - single rabbeted & double rabbeted

We don’t just supply steel doors - we can help you pick out the perfect door for your requirements no matter what materials you are looking for - metal, wood, hollow or solid.

Gauges Available

18, 16, 14 and 12

Gauges Commonly Stocked

18 and 16

Fire Ratings Available

A = 3hr.

B = 1 1/2 hr. 

C = 3/4 hr.

(We are an in-house labelling facility)

Material Available:

Galvanneal (satin coat)


Stainless steel


Single frame
Double frame
Multiple openings
Borrowed lites
Multiple lites
Monorail doors
Pipe doors

Take a look at our wide selection of options:

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